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"Prospecting for Freedom" is an inside look into the power of prospecting and how with some basic guidance you will be able to lead a path to freedom, personally, professionally and financially.  Learn some of the techniques that Michael Ferraro (The Luxury Lifestyle Agent) continues to use and how they helped take him from having $0 in listings, to having over $60 million in listings in only ONE year.


Hurry up and get the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!  Stay tuned because we will be releasing over a dozen hours of tips, tricks and coaching that will help you dive deeper into the ideas discussed in this eBook!  Those who make a purchase under the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for ONLY $19.99 will also gain access to THREE hours of video package ABSOLUTELY FREE the second it's released!  


We guarantee that after those three hours, you will be ready to see it all and truly gear yourself with the tools necessary to step out and step up!  

"Prospecting for Freedom" written by Michael Ferraro

$39.99 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price
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